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Soil Fertility
Nutrient Mngmnt


We can help you with nutrient management planning on your farm. 

Our consultant has 15 years experience working with farms in this newest area of farm management.






Crops and Forages


   Whether you need fertilizer for your garden, lawn or irrigated crops, a balance of highly available, soluble, and slow-release nutrients is what we can provide for you.

   Farmers, in order to get the most benefit from your stored feeds, fertilizers must be applied at optimal times and ratios according to species.  Our goal for your forage program is to produce alfalfa with a sulfur to nitrogen ratio of 1:10.  At this ratio the plant has the maximum capacity for producing amino acids, which are so necessary for cow health.

   Fiber and energy are also closely scrutinized for digestibility and efficiency.  Available calcium and sulfur without excess potassium creates more digestible fiber or "what makes the milk".  This same balance of nutrients also raises the carbohydrates which provide much-needed energy for the cow.  Of course this entire process is much more involved than this!

   A word on minerals

   The availability of minerals from alfalfa plants can be more than double that of minerals fed from a  bag.  Plants have the unique ability to take up rock forms of minerals from the soil or fertilizer and change them into organic forms, which are highly available to the animal.  When we can reach target levels of nutrients in your forages, we can raise productivity in your animals and lower your cost for off-farm purchases.  


   Because our soil fertility program encompasses all forms of crops, all you have to do is rely on your consultant to recommend the correct fertilizers and amounts for whatever you are growing.  We have already worked with crops as various as: beets, carrots, cucumbers, garlic, spearmint, potatoes, cranberries, commercial flowers, herbs and more.

   Although all crops are not grown like alfalfa, the same concept still applies.  Conventional fertility programs use only the N-P-K concept for optimal growth.  We know by proper fertilization we can take any crop and improve it.  Each plant has it's own set of specifics, but all thrive on a highly mineralized, balanced soil structure.


     Or consultant is a Certified Crop Consultant for both the 

United States and Wisconsin (CCC#31974)       

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