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Soil Fertility
Nutrient Mgmnt


We can help you with nutrient management planning for your farm

   Our consultant has 15 years experience working with farms in this newest area of farm management.

Livestock Nutrition

   The role of soil fertility plays a major part in livestock nutrition and overall health.  Animals fed a high forage, balanced ration from a quality feed source will outperform anything less.  Feeding a high quality forages raised with biological principles will minimize the need for high-cost concentrates.

   Likewise, the mineral and vitamin uptake that forages will gain as a result of being fertilized properly, will greatly reduce dependence on more costly bagged minerals and vitamin supplements.

   We believe in working with an animals natural immunity to boost resistance to viral and bacterial problems.  Keeping the environment as clean as possible, and allowing for ventilation and lighting are necessary for health and productivity.

   When there is a need for treatment, we can help you use holistic veterinary practices that will aid the cow in healing herself, instead of harsh antibiotics that tend to lower immunity in the long run.  We will not use band-aids to cover up health concerns for the short-term.  

   Because we will be feeding a high quality feed source that is grown to fuel all of her best interests, there is no need for hormones or antibiotics to stimulate production.


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