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Soil Fertility
Nutrient Mgmnt


We can help you with nutrient management planning for your farm.

Our consultant has 15 years experience working with farms in this newest area of farm management.


This is a summary of our products and is not intended for ordering information. For assistance in soil fertility contact a consultant.

Soil Correctives

Gypsum- Ca23%, S17%

Potassium Sulfate- K50%, S17%

Ammonium Sulfate- N21%, S24%

MAP- 10-50-0 or 11-52-0

Sul-Po-Mag- K22%, S23%, Mg11%

Trace Elements- copper, zinc, manganese, boron all in granulated form


Alfalfa- custom blends

Small grains/grasses- custom blends

Corn- (dry) custom blends

Soybeans- custom blends

Also ask your consultant about:

silo and hay products  Barenbrug seeds   organic fertilizers dairy minerals

specialty minerals  Bio-Vet products

For more information about these products, visit Midwestern Bio-Ag

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