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Soil Fertility
Nutrient Mgmnt


We can help you with nutrient management planning for your farm.

Our consultant has 15 years experience working with farms in this newest area of farm management. 




   With one-on-one consulting, we will look at your entire farm and see where we can help.  Every farm is unique and has it's own unique challenges.  We will work to help you address these challenges and find the most profitable course for you.  

   Through farm visits, educational seminars and constant communication lines, we can supply you with the tools your farm needs. Our consulting services are *free of charge and are the easiest way to adhere biological principles to your farm right now without waiting. Combined with products from Midwestern Bio-Ag, and our knowledge, you can begin to see results immediately.

   We are equipped to take soil samples year-round, even in the deepest frost. 

*fees apply for nutrient management planning

   Soil Testing

    In-depth soil reports from Midwest Laboratories in Omaha, Nebraska. 

  Your soil reports will come back to your consultant with a complete analysis of your most important living organism on your farm.  This analysis will provide your consultant with the information needed to balance your soil for nutrients and minerals along with micro-nutrients and trace elements.

   Feed and forage testing

   In the same manner as soil tests- our feed and forage tests are an in-depth analysis from Dairyland Labs.  These tests allow your consultant to balance a ration that will benefit your livestock and keep your goal of profit in mind.  Forage tests are necessary because as your forages become more mineralized and balanced, it will reduce the need for expensive bagged minerals and extra protein.

  Other services provided include: 

          managed grazing practices

          organic certification assistance

          holistic animal practices.

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