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Soil Fertility
Nutrient Mgmnt


We can help you with nutrient management planning for your farm.

Our consultant has 15 years experience working with farms in this newest area of farm management.

Soil Fertility and Fertilizers

Soil Fertility


         It all starts from here!


    At the heart of every farm is a complex living organism that usually ends up being treated like dirt.

   Through our comprehensive soil evaluations, we can help you gain the most from every dollar spent.  By balancing the soil and giving special attention to it's chemical, biological and physical components, we can provide crop nutrition using life- promoting, non-toxic fertilizers. These fertilizers contain a balance of nutrients both soluble and slow-release and a controlled pH.

   In essence, we can control the soil health and life with forms of organic matter like green manures and other sources and combine them with healthy fertilizers to obtain peak growing conditions for crops.

   Other things that can help the function of your soil are: adjusting rotations, and interseeding whenever possible and managing tillage for optimal aeration.

   With modern technology and research we can attain a level of productivity and sustainability that past generations have known.  There is no reason why, in the 21st century we should have to settle for production at the cost of sustainability.







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